Top Mistakes Made When Booking an Amsterdam Escort

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1. Private Numbers and Secrecy

We cannot tell you how often men try to remain anonymous by hiding their phone numbers and addresses. The truth is this sort of behavior although understood also raises red flags for us. As much as we want to keep your privacy a secret, we will not put any of our escorts in harm’s way. Your details are always secure with us. The only reason we require your information is so that we know who our girls are with.

2. Negotiating Escort Prices

Please don’t ask for discounts for one or two hour bookings, especially if you are not a regular. We are open to negotiations for longer bookings. In fact, we will charge discounted prices for long bookings even if you don’t ask for it. Another common mistake is men using other services, like independents and expecting the same price. We recommend that if you can get the same escort service cheaper at a place you are happy with them, you should use that service instead. We have standards to maintain and cannot do this if we lower our prices to streetwalkers.

3. Not Respecting Amsterdam Escorts

Some men can be very disrespectful to Amsterdam escorts. We want to make ourselves very clear regarding this matter. If any client is rude to one of our girls, they have been instructed to leave immediately. We encourage our clients to treat our escorts as professioanls like they might do in any other business situation. It is also important to note that when you address an Amsterdam escort respectfully they will almost always give more than you expect.

4. Unclear about Escort Services

When making a booking, we always advise customers to explain what escort services they are looking for and what expectations they have. This is especially true when requiring specialized services. You don’t need to be shy or afraid to discuss these matters. We have heard it all before and honestly it helps us to provide you with the best possible escort match.

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