Erotic Massage Amsterdam

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Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Erotic massage in Amsterdam is more than a sexual experience, but a full body treatment. Here at Amsterdam Escort Agency, we take pride in ensuring our erotic masseuses meet your massage needs and desires.

Our beautiful masseuses use the technique of your choice or a blended approach to relax, arouse, and release you. All our erotic massages are finished with a happy ending which leaves your body free of built-up tension and sexual energy. Our erotic Amsterdam masseuses will meet you in your hotel or at your house so that you can relax in comfortable surroundings, distraction-free.

If you are looking for the best erotic massage in Amsterdam with the sexiest masseuses, look no further. Find your perfect sexy massage girl and enjoy an hour or two you will never regret.

Naked Amsterdam Massage

Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful erotic masseuses in Amsterdam with our naked massage service. A glance through our erotic masseuse’s profiles and you’ll see that each of our girls are sexy and beautiful. Also, all our sensual massage girls are trained in various sensual massage techniques.

Specific massages such as Nuru massage require both you and your masseuse to be completely naked. This is so that your chosen girl can rub her naked body against yours. A nude massage also adds other sensory stimulation. Enjoy the site of a hot naked woman, slim, toned, and curved. Her breasts against you, the movement of her hips, the warmth of her hands.

A naked massage is a feast for all your senses and creates a happy ending more intense because each of your senses is involved. See her, smell her, feel her, hear her concentrating on you and you alone.

The Amsterdam Sex Massage

If you want more from your erotic Amsterdam massage, then our Sex massage is the one we recommend. An Amsterdam Sex massage includes everything you will experience in a standard erotic massage. Our regular erotic massages end with a happy handjob. But why not instead let your masseuse mount you after giving you an arousing body rub. Feel the heat of full penetration to bring you to orgasm.

Our sex massages start with your erotic masseuse stripping down until she is naked then stripping you too. She will warm up and rub an erotic massage oil onto your body and hers slowly warming your muscles with her hands. The Sex massage girl uses her breasts, tummy, and ass to arouse and stimulate you, and when you are ready, she will take you in.

The Sex massage is not an escort service but rather an alternative final release for your pleasure. This is a specialized service; therefore, we recommend you make your inquiry well in advance.

Double Dutch Erotic Massage

When looking for an erotic massage in Amsterdam, why settle for one luscious Dutch erotic masseuse when you can have two, imagine two sexy Amsterdam masseuses working together to satisfy you. A Double Dutch massage can be described as an unrivaled erotic massage experience.

Our Amsterdam Double Dutch erotic massage gives you the best of two worlds. Two erotic masseuses completely different from each other in looks and personality. Our sensual massage girls provide excellent value for money as you get to enjoy twice as much pleasure.

Two sexy women, four hands, working to ease your muscles, relax your mind, and stimulate your body. The massage girls will work together to create a happy ending that is twice as nice. Let your body release all its build up sexual tension with this divine treatment.

After an encounter with our Double Dutch erotic masseuses, you can relive the fantasy again and again.

Uplifting Amsterdam Tantra Massage

If you are looking for a real Tantra Massage, then you have found the right erotic massage service. Our tantric masseuses deliver the very best in Tantra massages. Using the tantra massage techniques developed long ago, your massage therapist will give you the most satisfying relaxing massage experience.

A Tantra massage with us will immerse you in every sensual physical pleasure. It is designed to relax you completely and arouse you at the same time. Your tantra massage therapist will work to increase your sexual energy so you can experience its power.

Your sexual energy will elevate with the massage until you finally release. This erotic massage experience is the ultimate way to experience an erotic massage in Amsterdam. Your masseuse will use the original tantric techniques to bring you the most gratifying ending.

Book your erotic full tantric massage in Amsterdam with one of our stunning tantric masseuses.

Body to Body Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Enjoy the best Body to Body erotic massage in Amsterdam. Our erotic massage service is a stimulating experience. Your sexy Amsterdam erotic masseuse will provide you with a steamy and tantalizing full body rub using all her assets.

Enjoy her naked body while she massages out all your tension using her breast to excite you. Finally, revel in the release when she massages your erogenous zones as she brings you to climax. For it is an alluring experience which only the talented masseuse is capable of. 

Our Amsterdam Body to Body massages delivers you a complete physical and visual experience. Your naked masseuse will meet each of your desires and ensure you find the entire experience satisfying. From arriving at your hotel to erasing any other thoughts of the day. We won’t blame you for making another booking straight away. 

Erotic Sensual Massages in Amsterdam

The sensual massage service is a convenient way to fit a relaxing and fulfilling encounter into your day. Your massage therapist will come to the privacy of your hotel to help you relax and unwind.

An erotic sensual massage uses techniques from several types of massages. Your masseuse will use her capable hands to massage away your stress. The sensual massage ends with an orgasm which helps you release any sexual tension.

Your muscles, mind, and sexual drive will all be released by this encounter. Our erotic massage therapists are waiting to please you. All our ladies are talented and trained to give you the ultimate erotic and sensual experience. If you have a specific need or requirement, feel free to let us know at the time of booking, and we will ensure you are accommodated.