Watch out for these Amsterdam escort cons


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Watch out for these Amsterdam escort cons

1. Escorts Charging for Taxi

When you order an escort in Amsterdam the transportation of the escort to and from your location is included in the price. The only time this may not be true is if your location is far outside of Amsterdam. In such cases, the booking operator will always tell you what additional charges are expected.

So don't pay an Amsterdam escort taxi fare without calling the escort agency to clarify.

2. Paying Extra to touch Boobs

Many dishonest escorts attempt this one all the time. Extorting customers for an extra €50 to touch their boobs. Once again this is part of the escort service. Many escorts will tell you it is their right to charge extra for services. This is true, but not for services which have already been charged for, this is theft.

If this happens to you, always phone the escort agency immediately and complain. Don't wait for her to leave, phone while she is there so that the agency can instruct her to return your money.

3. Amsterdam Escorts Leaving after 20 minutes

This is a massive problem, many escorts will try and leave the booking as fast as possible. Typically they try and go ones they have fulfilled their obligation which is usually the climaxing of the client. Technically this is not correct. If you have paid for an hour, then she should stay for the hour. Escorts will often try and bullshit clients by telling them they can leave once they've made the client climax, this is not true. You have paid for the time and therefore you can use that time.

4. Everything is Included

This is the biggest lie told by escort agencies in Amsterdam. There is no such thing as everything is included. Escort agencies like to say this merely to make the book, leaving the escorts to explain later. All specialised escort services are extras and can be purchased through the escort during the job. If you want to ensure you do not get caught out by this lie specifically ask the booking operator how much services cost. Secondly, before paying the escort to ask her how much are specific services cost.

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